How to properly take care of the heart to keep it healthy

In the world, every few seconds someone dies from a heart attack or other cardiovascular diseases. Surprisingly, most cases could have been avoided, provided timely treatment and prevention.

Of course, it is better to stick to healthy habits from a young age. However, it’s never too late to change your lifestyle for the better. The right changes will help protect the heart and enjoy a healthy and active life. Dear reader, the recommendations in the article are divided into age groups. But this division is conditional.

Don’t ignore the water

What do you usually drink? Juices, carbonated or energy drinks? Replace at least some of them with water. This will not only save your budget a little, but also keep your heart healthy. Carbonated and energy drinks are the largest sources of added sugar.

Studies show that people who get a significant portion of their calories from added sugar do not eat enough fiber, calcium, iron, zinc, and vitamin A. Moreover, such drinks contain “hidden” calories that you do not take into account. This is a direct road to overweight, hypertension and an increased risk of developing diabetes. All these factors cause heart problems.

Learn to cope with stress

Now is the best time to change bad habits into good ones. If you smoke because cigarettes help you relieve stress, think about it.

There are a million other things that are not harmful to health and are no less effective in relieving stress. “Smokers” live on average 12-14 years less than non-smokers. It is easier to get rid of a bad habit, for example, in 20 years, than to do it later in life.

Study your family’s medical history
Talk to your parents and grandparents about diseases that have occurred in your family. Most often, at a young age, the risk of heart attack is low. However, cardiovascular diseases are inherited. If relatives have had heart attacks or strokes, then you should take care of your heart with increased care.

Weight control

After 30 years, many intensively gain weight. Home, work, children…less and less time is left for yourself, because you have so much time to do. However, this is an important step to maintain a healthy weight. It is much easier to lose weight in 30 years than 40, because with age, the metabolism slows down. It’s time to get acquainted with sports and proper nutrition.

Do what you love every day

If there is an activity that gives you pleasure, give it at least 15-20 minutes a day. For some, it may be meditation, for others — running, and some find solace in reading books. It’s so important to find time for yourself. Let your favorite activity become a habit. This will allow you to get rid of stress, which is known to negatively affect the heart.